One motherboard (Z9PR-D12) - 2 questions (Force OnBoard VGA and KVM)


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Jan 28, 2021
I build a one server for Truenas at home. The system is build on an Asus Z9PR-D12 MoBo. I love the spec but I hate 2 issue with it.

  1. As I have a P600 GPU for plex transcoding with no monitori plugged on it, I would like to force display on OnBoard GPU. I cannot see anything when system boot. The monitori display something only when the OS (TrueNas Scale) is fully booted and display the CLI prompt. I cannot find anything in BIOS
  2. I cannot use the iKVM. When I connect to Web interface, in Remote Control preview, I can see “Web Preview Is Not Available, Due To Kvm Service Is Disabled” and service is Enabled/Started. When I click on Launch button (with java logo), a file start to download (jviewer.jnlp) bu I have a download error, so unable to launch it.
    Firmware Revision: 1.11
Any help would be very apprediated.


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Apr 19, 2016
Under CPU IIO options make sure VGA Priority is set to on-board (Advanced -> CPU IIO Bridge Configuration ) . You can also disable oproms for the slot the GPU is in under Advanced -> PCI Subsystem -> PCIE Slot Option Rom Configuration