Old storage second life


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Nov 28, 2019
Hi All,

I’ve been reading the STH forum for some time now. To become an active member i created an account today. English is not my native language but i’ll try do my best

Something i want to discuss or need your opinion about is storage. Current situation is as follows:

I have a HP based storage system running which is end-of-life/support. Because of the critical data it was storing we build a Freenas based system as replacement.
The HP system kept running for less critical data but due to its age and no active support the system software feels really outdated, slow and not secure. Because the hardware is still ok i was thinking to give it a second life for none critical data by replacing the HP/Redhat based software with some recent Linux based system.

Freenas is not possible because the disk chassis have built-in raid controllers which is not recommended.

The components:
6 x HP P2000 Chassis for 3,5inch disks/SAS with dual SAS 6GB/s controllers
72 x 3TB SAS disks 7.2K
2 x HP DL380 G7 (i think) purpose = media gateway smb/nfs/...
Software: Ibrix / HP Redhat Linux

Features i’m looking for:
- Able to join a domain
- ACL for file/folder permissions
- Webgui is a +
- HA because of the age

As FreeNas is not recommended i was looking at something CEPH based (like a 45drives setup).
Please share your thoughts/ideas what kind of software you would run on this system.