Old Fujitsu Board and any HBA - only beeping


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Mar 6, 2014
planning to revive an old Fujitsu (WkSt) board of mine (D3231, Q87 Express, LGA1151/DDR3) to have a Tape backup node that I power on if I want to do backups since the tape drive really uses a lot of power.
I bought a i3 for it, swapped in some Ram from a game box and off it goes.

Since the tape is SAS based I need to add a HBA. Started with an external SAS enclosure connected via M1215 but decided that I can run the tape drive internally as well so I can use a M1015/H200/H310 (whatever it was).

So I add the HBA, add SAS drive as local Cache and everything works fine. Then I want to replace the memory from the gaming board with a new cheap set from ebay - no go. Boars is not even booting, no beep nothing.

Fine, I assume the memory is broken or board is picky - whatever. I send the mem back and reinstall my other two modules.

Now the fun begins - as soon as I add *any* HBA in any slot the board begins to beep. No graphics output, just continuously slow beeping. Mind that is with the same 2 configs (2 hba's) that has worked fine before?

I was thinking to do the old tape mod on the LSI2008 but I am not sure this is really helpful as the same issue occurs on the 3008 as well and I never heard the mod was needed on that card...

But honestly I am totally stumped. If I remove the HBA the board is working fine. I added another PCIe card (NVMe Pcie2U2 adapter) - working fine without issues.

Any ideas?

Nevermind - Cmos Reset + Moving Memory modules resolved it... played with memory before with no success so maybe the cmos reset actually reset something for a change...
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