OEM version of AOC-SLG3-4E4T x16 NVMe HBA


Sep 16, 2018
Any reason to regard the Fujitsu A3C402020203
(oem version of the SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-4E4T)
as being different ..? Or is it inferior.. ?


Sep 16, 2018
Not that I know of, looking for 2 myself :)
Tell you what; I'll test one of these out asap.

I need to get some PC4 ECC in the R730xd to be able to start using it ...

PS, I DO wish they offered ways (for each 'third' of 1u and 2u systems) to be either:
• NVMe (lanes withstanding)
• SFF 2.5" SAS / SATA
• LFF 3.5" SAS / SATA ...

Instead of being obliged to have a homogeneous Form Factor of all SFF or LFF ...

Anyway, what machine are you going to be using it with ..?

I also want a device for my NVMe drives ... of which, there are few options.
  • Icy Dock 4x SFF (U.2 / NVMe) in a 2x height 5.25" bay (see pic)
    • MB699VP-B (internal obviously)
  • HighPoint SSD6540 (ext. 4-bay U.2 enclosure) ... (even more ridiculously priced) but includes:
    • (1) SSD6540 - 4 dev U.2 enclosure. (Uniquely (to my knowledge) provides an external U.2 enclosure).
    • (1) SSD7144 - 4 dev U.2 controller. PCIe 3.0 x16 (external) "RAID controller" (though per email they said it's also an HBA)
    • (4) RocketStor Tray-T -- $25ea U.2 trays (per HighPoint's "bargain" pricing).
    • (4) device U.2 cable (2m) included. : $120 (2m) vs $90 (1m) cables, respectively).
      • HighPoint's standalone 2-meter cable price: $120, PN: 8644-8644-220 (Listed on HighPoint.com as Available)
      • HighPoint's standalone 1-meter cable price: $ 90, PN: 8644-8644-210 (Listed on HighPoint.com as 'Out of Stock')

HighPoint MSRP for SSD6540 package : $1,000 (which is kinda absurd for an HBA + an ext 4-bay enclosure if you ask me) and on eBay,

The Icy Dock is a lot less money, but it's even worse value in some regards as it's a fan and enclosure for $250 (on eBay right now).

I mean, again, the alternative is just having the drives laying around with a reg. fan blowing on them.

An eBay listing for a HighPoint SSD6540 ... is $500 (assuming it even includes the HBA)
But it's not like it's a Disk Shelf with a controller or something, it's just a "dumb" enclosure w fans and a power switch.

It's little more than something that 'holds' drives with fans + and power switch at (MSRP) $1,000 and "a bargain" at $500 ??
And who knows if they're even including an HBA with that one. The $800 one however looks new so SHOULD be inclusive...

As such, it should include the SSD7144 "RAID controller" (though I think it has an HBA mode) & the SFF cables.
It'd be nice to find either for a tolerable price that doesn't insult one's sense of value ...

BUT, I'd still need another HBA (for external NVMe devices, if I work a deal on the HighPoint unit...

But then I'd need an external Supermicro HBA also, of which, I think this is probably closest to the ReTimer card:

Supermicro AOC-SLG3-4X4P Low Profile JBOF Gen-3 external NVMe Host Bus Adapter


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Aug 16, 2018
Sorry to hijack, but is the issue price here?

The SM card is $172.00 at wiredzone or you can get the oversubscribed Intel part (8 port AXXP3SWX08080) on ebay for around x2 the SM price.