OCP Mezzanine GPUs? Is there such a thing?


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May 19, 2018
I've got a motherboard with an OCP 2.0 Type A Mezzanine connector for PCIe x8 connectivity, and was wondering if GPUs exist for this connector standard? I don't know much about these connectors (or OCP in general) and from my googling, seems like networking is the most common use. But as I don't need to add more network ports, I thought I'd look into what else will work.

I see graphics cards on Ebay (mostly mobile Quadros) that are listed as mezzanine cards. But they seem to have a different connector, and/or no display outputs, so I assume they use a different standard and/or they're meant to work with motherboards that have the additional components to link the card with a VGA/DP/HDMI port on the motherboard.

If not a GPU, I suppose I could do an HBA and use it for a storage setup. SAS 3008 Mezzanine cards (assuming they are compliant) seem to be pretty cheap!

(Edit: Motherboard in question is an ASrock E3C224D4HM)
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