NZFS Info Released


Feb 12, 2013
Not sure on the proper forum to post this in as it is a new product from the makers of FlexRaid that will compete with unRaid and eventually (or so the author says) other big players.

Anyone else see the new blog posting by the maker of FlexRaid on his new NZFS product?

Info here:

Seems like an interesting product, but the announcement is very short on details and very heavy with unprofessional attitude and putdowns towards unRaid.... kind of detracts from my excitement for this product.

I will say though if he pulls this off it will be impressive. Gives you the option of going from Spanned JBOD with real time parity to RAID 5, 6, etc. along with raid level migration. Depending on pricing it may be the perfect solution for a home server once it is more proven (though some of the posts on his forum about problems with his other products kind of scares me away from it....)
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Jan 25, 2011
Hopefully this is less buggy than the FlexRAID realtime RAID.

Edit: "Outside of FlexRAID’s RAID-F technology, NZFS’s tRAID is the only other system on earth to support creating a RAID array using drives with existing data on them.". Err, snapRAID?
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Jul 13, 2011
Interesting name choice - trying to make it sound like ZFS much? I had never realised that ZFS "put you in a box" :p

If I read it correctly it's designed to give you the ability to run (using 0 and 1 for argument's sake) a 3-disk array with two raid levels present - some files mirrored across 3 disks and some striped? That's interesting.

His attitude is way off. At one point in there he says it was the community's fault for not quickly realizing how awesome flexraid was when it was released, and he's making direct attacks on the guy behind unRAID. Is he trying to annoy people or encourage them to use his products?