NVMe pools - new devid can make problems on OS downgrades

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Dec 31, 2010

"If you're not using ZFS on NVMe devices, you can ignore this message.

With the integration of #14686, the nvme driver will start to use new
devid types specifically created for NVMe. Updating to #14686 will be
handled gracefully by ZFS, old pools will import correctly and will have
their vdev labels updated with the new devid types automatically.

After updating to #14686, older illumos versions may fail to import the
ZFS pools as they may get confused by the new (unknown) devid types. To
handle this, #14745 has been integrated in illumos on June 24th,
allowing ZFS to import pools on vdevs with unknown or invalid devids.

In order to be able to import your ZFS pools on an older illumos version
before #14686, such as when booting any earlier boot environment from
before #14686, you must use an illumos version that already has #14745
but not yet #14686, resetting the devids to the older types when
importing the pools. After that you can go back even further before

The illumos distribution maintainers have been informed about this issue
and should have backported #14745 to any releases they support. Please
consult your distributions release notes for more information."
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