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    We got a call from a client that recently upgraded to Kepler series Tesla graphic cards that they had a bunch of NVIDIA boxes in there storage lot that they never deployed and wondered if we wanted to purchase them.
    We went to see them and found 10x NVIDIA Tesla S1070 boxes sealed factory new systems.

    Ive seen them on ebay in the states very cheap so maybe you guys can put them to use.
    I found 8 of them here @ $189US - 0 Affiliation.

    I wrote a blog post here if you wanted to read the thorough testing of them - LINK

    TL : DR
    Can’t be bothered reading? In short we answered the following questions we had.

    Can we install newer gen GPUs?
    Yes, As long as you keep one M1060 inside the chassis.
    Is there a Double HBA available?
    Yes. There is.
    Can they work with Mac / Linux / Windows?
    Yes, There OS Agnostic.
    Can we use them on a desktop, Are they loud?
    WOW, They are LOUD.
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