Number Cruncher - High-core count, 'small case'


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Aug 1, 2018

I just wanted to show you guys my new build, this forum has been a great inspiration for sourcing parts ;).
My current rig runs a Broadwell-EP and I wanted to get a little more punch with AVX-512 and the journey started, because I found a 6212U for an incredible price.
This workstation is mainly used for DL / number crunching purposes, so I don't care too much about the lack of a 4GHZ+ boost. Maybe I play a computer game 1x a year, but I don't care. My primary device is an MBP 13inch anyway.

Another important thing is, the Bequiet Pure Base 500 is not made for this mainboard (SSI CEB). By removing the cable, passthrough the mainboard fits perfectly fine. The CPU runs around 71°C on full load with this small case. Case size was somehow an important factor. On the other hand, it is obvious - that an mATX case and smaller board could be difficult to cool with 1 or 2 GPUs inside.

Mainboard: Asus WS 621-64L
CPU: Xeon Gold 6212U
FAN: Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647
RAM: 6x8GB MTA9ASF1G72PZ-3G2E2 DDR4-3200 ECC, CL21 (running @2933), thx @kse
SSD: 1TB PM981a (Evo 970 OEM)
PSU: Corsair HX-1000 (waiting for mine to arrive)
GPU: Nvidia 1050ti (will move my DL card into this computer, once I tested every thing).
Case: Bequiet Pure Base 500