Norco 4224 w/ 20" Rail?


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Would this work or not? I notice it says on the Norco site that the 26" rail is supported, but my current cabinet is only 20" from the front to back assembly. Heck, the thing isnt deep enough with both doors closed on it so take the server, but I plan to remove the back door completely on the cabinet, so it doesnt matter much. Would using the 20" rail on the 4224 cause any issues?

As to the cabinet itself, it's a surplus unit I purchased on ebay for $60... Easily a $500-700 cabinet. The thing weighs around 300lbs, solid steel all around.


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Dec 21, 2010
Norco does sell 20" rails, although I have only used the 26" rails on the RPC-4224. You may want to just send them an e-mail and ask.