New Sections or maybe post subject?


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Apr 6, 2013
Gotha Florida
I was thinking it might be nice to have a section or post titles for build Ideas and then build templates.
My though was to have build idea post/section where the members can debate on how to create a solution. Everything from hardware to OS, etc. The though was it would make finding a cool solution easier and better vetted. Then once a solution was determined it could be converted into a template post.

For example:
----Sample Build Post----------------
Build Idea: Storage solution for Home Office
Purpose: Setup storage for local files, VMs, backups while keeping the storage as standalone or outside rest of infrastructure.

OS proposed: FreeNas 11.x

Motherboard wants:
Built in 10G nic
HBA in IT mode or 12 or more sata/sas
Can be SOC or add-on cpu
Support for 128GB Ram
3-4 PCIE slots
Support for NVME or u.2 format for Optane drive

Motherboards in the running:

Option 1: Hosted VMs
Desc: Leverage ESXI to host 2-3 FreeNas VMs.
Pro/Cons List:

Option 2: One Standalone FreeNas
Desc: One box for all freenas needs no virtualization.
Pro/Con List:

---End Sample build post---------------------------------

Once a working idea been vetted out, hopefully someone would implement it and create the template post.

-----------Sample Template Post-------
Template FreeNas Storage solution for Home Office
Components needed:

Build Process:

OS Configure:


----end template post.-----------

Any thoughts on this? I been thinking of redoing my FreeNas storage to standalone host with 2-3 FreeNas VMs running for different functions.