New Router Suggestions (Multi-Gig/10 GbE)

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May 19, 2018
Northern California
I also don’t like the high price of the acrylic or 3D printed chassis, but I suppose whoever makes them have to be paid. Lazer3D is reputable though and it seems plenty of people like them for SFF builds.
3D printing & laser cutting are great, but I think they're hard to use for mass production while keeping costs low. I've got access to a decent 3D printer and laser cutter where I volunteer, and I use them to produce my own one-off hardware bits, including chassis. But for any decent production volumes, 3D and laser are simply more cumbersome and less efficient than injection molding, stamping and etc. (not that I'm an expert).

All my recent stuff is AMD, so the idea would be my first foray back with a new Intel system since 2017.
I'd gotten everyone else in the family on AMD by last fall. The only reason I went Intel again for my current desktop was timing. My old desktop up and died in December. And since I only update my box every 3-4 years, I was reluctant to buy a current offering AMD CPU that was already on the verge of being superseded. The Alder Lake setup (i5-12600K & Asus Z690 Motherboard) was really quite well behaved on both Linux and Windows right from the start. A few niggling issues with Chrome, but otherwise smooth sailing.

SFX (non-L) greatly increases the size of the chassis to a minimum of 7-ish liters, with 9-12L being more of the norm. I’d love to get a custom router with two HHHL slots under 3L but that’s a stretch. 4-5L is more reasonable, with or without a Flex PSU. DC-ATX is much preferred as it leaves room for some slim fans, or leftover volume to use a bigger CPU HSF.
It's lucky I don't need to rely on my math skills to make a living! :oops:

I suppose another advantage of a power brick is the heat from AC to DC conversion stays outside the case and makes cooling the insides that much easier.