New Proxmox server - need recommendation on setting up network

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    Hello, I'm working on setting up a new Proxmox server. I've been working on designing the network and I was hoping to get a review from someone with more experience. The server has six physical network ports. I'm planning on using Ansible to maintain the VMs/LXCs and OVS configuration. My goals are:
    • Fast as possible connection between VMs/LXCs.
    • Simplest configuration to maintain.
    • Fastest connection to my PC for ZFS send/receive backups
    • Secure connections between the user facing VMs/LXCs and the ones used for management (i.e. Zabbix).
    • Prefer no traffic or as little as possible that travels between VMs/LXCs leave the PVE node. (i.e. different vlans that have to go through main router)
    I have a pfSense router running on a mini PC that is way overpowered. I'm planning on running HAProxy, Zabbix Proxy and Syslog-ng as a forwarder on it so no client devices besides my management PC will connect directly to the VMs/LXCs on the management VLAN.

    A graphic of my network plan is here. I know the firewall between OVS bridges is probably overkill. I could easily put both VLANs on one bridge and use a few IPTable rules or OpenFlow for traffic between VLANs, but I figure I can use the Firewall container as an SSH bastion host also. I also don't really need a separate physical bonded connection to the management VLAN but I figured why not I have the ports available.

    Below is my the /etc/network/interfaces. It includes a cable directly connected to my management PC so I can use jumbo frames. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or anything else I should consider. Also since I simplified the network into two bridges, one for each vlan, I know I could get away with just using Linux bridges. What is the performance (cpu/memory usage) of OVS over Linux bridges?

    Thanks for the help.

    # Loopback interface
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    # Not Used
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet manual
    # Direct connection between backup PC and Host (jumbo frames)
    # and backup host connection if issue with Open vSwitch
    auto eth1
    iface eth1 inet static
      mtu 8996
    # Bond eth2 and eth3 together for vmbr50
    allow-vmbr50 bond50
    iface bond50 inet manual
      ovs_bridge vmbr50
      ovs_type OVSBond
      ovs_bonds eth2 eth3
      ovs_options bond_mode=balance-tcp lacp=active other_config:lacp-time=fast
    # Main ovs_bridge
    auto vmbr50
    allow-ovs vmbr50
    iface vmbr50 inet manual
      ovs_type OVSBridge
      ovs_ports bond50 vlan50
    # Virtual interface for VLAN 50
    allow-vmbr50 vlan50
    iface vlan50 inet static
      ovs_type OVSINTPort
      ovs_bridge vmbr50
      ovs_options tag=50
      ovs_extra set interface ${IFACE} external-ids:iface-id=$(hostname -s)-${IFACE}-vif
    # Bond eth4 and eth5 together for vmbr10
    allow-vmbr10 bond10
    iface bond10 inet manual
      ovs_bridge vmbr10
      ovs_type OVSBond
      ovs_bonds eth4 eth5
      ovs_options bond_mode=balance-tcp lacp=active other_config:lacp-time=fast
    # Management ovs_bridge
    auto vmbr10
    allow-ovs vmbr10
    iface vmbr10 inet manual
      ovs_type OVSBridge
      ovs_ports bond10 vlan10
    # Virtual interface for VLAN 10
    allow-vmbr10 vlan10
    iface vlan10 inet static
      ovs_type OVSINTPort
      ovs_bridge vmbr10
      ovs_options tag=10
      ovs_extra set interface ${IFACE} external-ids:iface-id=$(hostname -s)-${IFACE}-vif
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    How did it work out for you? I should really look at using OVS built into pve.
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