Network, routing help needed. Willing to pay for assistance.


May 22, 2019
Hey folks,

I'm a bit mythed on a few items mixing a few technologies and I was wondering if anyone with some experience would be willing to personally assist via the internet, like through skype, email or discord to aid me to reach a working solution involving routing an assigned IP from my VPS(which has many assigned) through my static IP connected router directly to an Virtual Machine which in turn will route all the traffic back through one of the same assigned VPS IPs it came from, pretty much everything is using CentOS at both ends apart from browser controlled items like firewall panels and such.

I'd also like to expand it when I understand the notion more, but am suffering a few hiccups.

-To be honest this all could be not working due to basic inexperience, but I'd really like a fresh head on the subject, clear the slate and just start from scratch again along with someone else who's helpful enough to assist. So where would be the best forum place to ask on ServeTheHome.

I'm also willing to pay for the time consumed if a goal can be reached, I'm not mister money bags but I'm sure an agreement can be made, met and stuck too or maybe even the trade-off with a digital product?