Netra S7-2 Solaris 11.4 - VNC


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Jul 30, 2020
Hey everybody, first post here...looks like an informative group!

My question is regarding VNC and it's reliance on hardware, mainly the GPU/Video Card. Our current inventory of video cards are no longer functioning properly and would like to know if simply getting X11 and VNC working properly on the system will allow us to procure the new servers without having to replace the current inventory of video cards. Basically we'd like to procure new headless servers without video cards and use VNC Server/Client connections if that's possible.

From Oracle support
I looked at BUG 27582564 - After update S11.3 SRU23 causes the whitened character corruption of GNOME
but there is no current fix available, there were some IDR ( Interim Diagnostic or Relief (IDR) ( Doc ID 1019471.1 ) ) but none of them look like they are current ( they are all marked withdrawn ) and the last bug update is that he is engaging with the developer and looking over changes introduced which the problem started happening.
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Dec 31, 2010
When you intend to order new servers, why not simply use ipmi ones for remote management?
This is even possible for setup and to online/offline/reset a server remotely.

Your link to Oracle requires a login/subscription