Need 2U case with ATX PS, 6 hotswapable bays, and 55 cm depth requirement


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Jan 1, 2011
I am looking for 2U server case for my SuperMicro X9SCM-F that has a depth constraint of ~55 cm or ~22 inches or less. There are plenty of such 2U cases out there with 65 cm depth & ATX & beyond mobo which I don't need that meet my wishlist features below.

Ideally the case should have following requirements:
- Micro-ATX mobo or larger but that generaly goes against the depth requirement.
- Standard ATX power supply. If quiet, 2U PS is an option I would be willing to compromise on as a last resort.
- support >= 6 hot-swapable 3.5" drive bays as I like RAID6 or actually a ZFS2 pool.
- support 2x2.5" drive for OS and mirroring.
- price not a big issue if I can only find such a case.
- <= 55cm or 22 depth which is really the criteria that defines the case.

I found the NORCO Norco RPC-230 which is not exactly (also ridicoulsy cheap) what I want but perhaps I can run RAID 5 while sticking 2 SSD for the Operating systems somewhere within the case.


Dec 26, 2010
Well you are going to have to compromise on either Length or Hot-Swap bays.
You wont find a 6 hotswap 2u in a compact form factor.


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Nov 28, 2011

I was in a similar predicament - I could not use a standard depth RM chassis. I finally found the Chenbro RM31508M2 and bought one just last week. It hasn't arrived yet, so I can't tell you anything about the quality. It's only 17.5" deep - but it's 3U, not 2U.

You can put either a 1U or 2U server PSU in it with the appropriate rear window. Given the PSU choices you should be able to find something quiet enough.

It'll fit anything up to an EEB M/B, up to and including a Tylersburg Dual Processor M/B. It accomplishes this by stacking the drive cage on top of the M/B.

It has 8x3.5" hot swaps and 2x3.5" internal bays (which you can put 2.5" drives in if you want.)

Here's the Chenbro website for this case.

If you think this chassis will work for you it's a good thing price is not a big issue - it's $440 w/o PSU.