NAS with 10gb/s internal and external speed.

Speedy VV

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Nov 24, 2019
I want to buy a NAS (Synology, QNAP, Buffalo, etc.,) that allows me to get 10gbit/s speed.

My preference is to use my 4 WD Red NAS HDDs.

I assume that to get 10gb speed, I will have to have some sort of read/write caching capability. So I assume that it will need to have capacity for a couple off SSDs or NVMe drives.

My main criteria is just file storage across a 10gb LAN. I prefer rj45, but SFP+ is ok too.

Criteria order of importance:
  1. 10gb/s file server
  2. at least 4 bays for HDDs (+slots for caching if required)
  3. Quiet
  4. Price/Quality/Reliability/Warranty/Service
  5. RJ45 over SFP+
  6. USB for USB Drive backups
  7. Plex (transcoding not important)
Can someone please suggest some options?

Thanks for your help.


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May 27, 2019
Austin, TX
Firstly, why? What is your use case that you need 10gb speeds with only 4 drives + a cache?
Plex can play double digit amount streams over via 1gb lan.
Second what is your budget for this? (with or without drives)

That said the only way you're going to achieve those speeds is with all SSD or a cache.
Assuming you want to go the cache route as it'll be cheaper, how much data will you be writing daily (for sizing purposes)?

That all said if you HAVE to go with the specs you noted:
This has 2 internal m.2 sata ports, then use 2 of the 6 hdd slots for ssd (to raid 10 with the m.2), and then get a 10gb adapter to go with it: Network Expansion Card - Features

Alternatively you could go with the 4 bay model:
They have a card that combines the 10gb and 2x sata ssd into one: QM2 Expansion Card (Add M.2 SSD Slots and 10GbE Connectivity) - Features
I would be concerned with bottlenecking if you're receiving data that is writing to the cache though.

Each of these options will cost you around $1000.


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May 27, 2019
Austin, TX
For that same $1k price tag you could buy a really nice ryzen system or used Xeon workstation that is much more powerful and can run whatever NAS software of your choosing ~ FreeNAS and unRAID are some of the easiest and most popular.
If this is primarily for Plex media storage and serving I personally recommend unRAID, its what I and many other users including the other spart @IamSpartacus for our media libraries.
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Jun 27, 2018
I have QNAP 332X and am happy with it
- 3 primary HDD drives + 3 M2 slots (I have one and use it for caching)
- 16 GB of RAM
- compact
- 10G SFP+
- price ~$400 diskless.