Napp-it : where is the Avahi Service Definition file?

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May 31, 2013
I noticed that (unlike FreeNas) when I share a ZFS folder over AFP from Napp-it, it shows up in my finder with the icon of an iMac.

I read this blog post that mentions changing the icon in the finder side-bar to look like a server or something other than an iMac by modifying the afpt.service file for Avahi. (Avahi Service Definition file)

Specify the Finder icon with Avahi | Simon Wheatley

Normally this file exists in /etc/avahi/services/afpd.service

However, that is for linux distributions. I can't find the file anywhere on OmniOS. In fact, I didn't think Avahi was installed on Napp-it.

I found another doc that says you can set this up in Netatalk's apfd.conf file with the mimicmodel field

-mimicmodel model
Specifies the icon model that appears on clients. Defaults to off. Examples: RackMac (same as Xserve), PowerBook, PowerMac, Macmini, iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro, MacBookAir, MacPro, AppleTV1,1, AirPort.
I found this doc that shows afpd.conf was used with netatalk 2.X, but with netatalk 3.x it is obsolete and not replaced by anything.

Is there any way to address this icon used by OSX in Napp-it/OmniOS/Netatalk 3?

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nevermind, seems like /etc/afp.conf will accept the mimic model feature.
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