Most optimal memory configuration for H11DSi-NT

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    I'm planning on buying the Supermicro H11DSi-NT motherboard which supports up to 8 channel memory. It has 16 dimm slots.

    I want to have 128 GB of total ram (possibly up to 256 if performance will be better) and would like the option of leaving empty dimm slots for adding more ram in the future, BUT, only if performance is not reduced. This motherboard will use 2x Epyc 7742 cpu's. I also want to keep the cost to its minimum but performance is still the #1 goal (unless it's not measurable than the next best lowest cost but fastest ram solution is preferred).

    My problem is that I want the ram configuration to be the fastest possible, even if it's only a few percent faster (unless it's going to break the bank). Since this mobo is 8 channel I'm guessing I should fill all 16 dimm slots with the max. 3200MHz supported ecc rdimm's? If so, am I better off buying single or dual rank modules? Perhaps 16x 8GB of (single rank) memory is faster? Although someone here said that it's better to have dual rank ram. Naturally using all 16 dimm slots will not leave space for adding more ram but if performance is noticeably faster than so be it.

    At the moment, based on all I've read, in my situation I'll get most performance from 8x 16GB dual rank 3200MHz ram OR 8x 32GB dual rank 3200MHz ram (if I wanted 256 GB over 128 GB total ram, which I currently don't since 8x32GB modules will cost a lot more than 8x16GB modules).

    I'd appreciate a concrete answer on my dilemma.
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