Morning Fail: Windows Server 2012 R2 Boots into Spanish Recovery Mode

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Dec 21, 2010
After a long trip, and the flu, I am starting to get back into things (finally) today. I booted the storage test server and installed a few new SSDs I want to add to the data set.

Windows Server 2012 did not come up after I gave it 15 minutes which I thought was odd.

Logging in via IPMI I watched the server post, then fail to boot with the Windows ;( something went wrong message. Then into Windows Recovery, in Spanish. At first, nothing seemed wrong since my Spanish is mush better after being in Panama for a few days. Then it hit me: I normally install in English.

A quick trip to the BIOS and I realized that the OS boot SSD was one of about three dozen SSDs siting on my desk.

Happy 2015, and should all troubleshooting in 2015 be this easy.
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Oct 25, 2012
Patrick, you do realize this types of occurrences are more frequent the older one becomes..After 12 months of not needing to get into the OI / Nappit machine at home, I went to do a few changes, and cant remember the OI password. I thought I wrote it down,,Luckily making a new machine over the next 2 weeks, and can transfer all the files..LOL..
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