Monitor Dell C6100 basic HW monitoring, how to?

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    I just installed a node in a C6100 with Windows Server that will be used in production, but the problem is that I don´t find an easy way to do basic HW monitoring of discs, raid and power supplies. I got the BMC up and working, but it doesn´t see the power supplies. The BMC basically only shows fan speed and an ambient temperature, not much else of interest. So first question should the BMC see the power supplies or not?

    Then I got the LSI 2008 mezzanine SAS in the node and can´t see how I can easyli monitor the status of the raid sets and discs. I got LSIutils, but it´s not very useful, then I found that has a few tools to manage a C6100, but it seems that I would need to have a unix machine somewhere to be able to use that.

    So I will gladly take any suggestions on how to monitor the C6100 in a little easier fashion.

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