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Dec 1, 2012
Hi Guys,

I have access to a desktop with 3 GTX 1080's a 6950X. This desktop has a 4 year warranty and wont be needed until next year and I figured I may give mining a go. What would be the best way to utilise the hardware, e.g. mining with the CPU and GPU's at the same time and it would it result in any meaningful crypto currency?

As an FYI the desktop is sitting in my office, I rent office space and power is covered by the owner.


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Dec 29, 2010
The obvious answer is to sell what you have now, then buy it back next year when you need it.

If you want to mine. Monero CPU, Zcash GPU. Install Ubuntu docker Nvidia drivers and Nvidia docker. Then use Monero CPU and Zcash GPU images.

It will heat the office. You'll need to be careful what else you plug into the walls. It's a 700+w rig mining. May also be loud.

Make a script to pause and unpause the four miners so you can stop mining when you are in the office.
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