Mikrotik Router question


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Jul 15, 2015
I recently purchased a pair of CCR1036 units to replace our software limited ISR4331 units as BGP routers, in that capacity they're doing fantastic but we quickly found the next bottleneck, our ASA units can only handle 200mb/s of traffic(because cisco I guess?) Our config isn't very complex and I've already validated that I can attatch both isp's and handle the GBP side of things inside a single CCR1036(seriously these things are monsters, if it's ok with @Patrick and anyone wants to see it I opened one up before installing them) But i'm running into a question of the best way to keep the settings in sync with them in an active/passive configuration which would allow me to replace the ASA's as well and make full use of our 500mb incoming service(s)

TLDR 4 cisco boxes>2 mikrotik boxes works in theory but I don't want to update firewall rules twice and want to automate synchronizing them.