Micron p320h drivers


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Jan 16, 2019
i had reinstalled windows server 2016 and it was working beforehand but i spent 4 hours seraching micron website and there is 40 downloads (upto 2012) all error 404

dose anyone have a drivers for server 2016 ive been actually considering sketchy driver websites and have begun slowly losing my mind.


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Jan 4, 2016
I know this is late but did you ever find out any info for this? I am going to be using them in ESXi most likely, but for Windows Server 2019 just to test their speeds I was able to load up some Dell drivers that I found by searching through the downloads page of Dell R720 and I hit the expected speeds. There are also firmware files available but some of them are pretty old. They are probably fine though.

The one thing I couldn't find, which was a little disappointing, was the RealSSD Manager. It seems like the stuff is locked up behind some kind of weird document request thing, I am not sure if they will honor it or not. But for the mean time I was able to do what I wanted.

Btw, my P320H are vendor rebranded as Dell Express Flash PCIe SSDs, so I don't have the OEM part. If you don't have the Dell version the firmware executables I suspect most likely won't work but the drivers should I would think? Have you searched google for the device ID? I was going to do that as a last resort but finally got lucky with the Dell downloads page.