Micron 5100 MAX - anyone using these in datacenter/enterprise?


Nov 16, 2015
Hey all - I recently built two 400+TB ZFS builds and put the OS on mdadm mirrored Micron 5100 MAX. I used MAX because my VAR could get them during the SSD shortage whereas the PRO's were unavailable. So, I don't touch the DWPD or anything, but I have them. These boxes have NVMe (P3700) SLOG vdevs.

That said, I am thinking about putting another SSD-cache in front of different ZFS implementations and I was thinking of using the Micron 5100 MAX. Right now, the ZFS implementation I am referring to has no SLOG, just ARC and spinning disk. I think the Micron 5100 MAX sound perfect for this instance, but I traditionally use Intel S3710's. However, the Intel S3710 are almost impossible to find for a reasonable price while I can get the 5100 MAX easily.

Any thoughts?