MetaData Controller Build


Feb 27, 2018
Los Angeles
Hey Guys,

What do you think would be a good hardware choice for a MetaData controller which controls 800TB of external storage via ATTO 16Gig Fiber cards and then goes out to a 40GigE switch.

It doesn't really need a lot of RAM, but I'm not sure how many cores it will use to get the most speed, recieving the SAN data from the Fiber then creating Ethernet packets out via the 40GigE.

This server will be streaming 4k Video files all day and night, but I feel like if it's too fast, it will mess with the storage. I don't know I've seen skipping and stuff if not defragged properly, but with this new SAN external servers they have a RAM cache so I'm not worried about defragmentation anymore.

Also this metadata controller will have an adaptec Controller card in it which will have 24 SSDs drives RAID6 together which is used as a software cache for the other SAN storage.