Meraki MS210/MS225 custom firmware testers wanted

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Sep 20, 2017
You may remember me from such threads as Meraki MS220-series FOSS firmware.

Well, I'm back, and I am looking for people willing to test an alpha quality custom firmware for the Meraki MS210/MS225 series switches and ideally provide feedback/fixes to get it to a more usable state.

Standard disclaimers apply:
  • Do not use in production
  • This may destroy your switch
  • You will need soldering and SPI flashing tools (like the ch341a)
  • There is no GUI, only command line management
  • PoE doesn't work
If you do not have experience developing with Linux on embedded devices or hardware modification, then I do not recommend attempting this, all parties involved will have a very bad time.

If you have a Meraki MS210 or MS225 and are willing to test a very alpha firmware (and really, I cannot stress this enough, your expectations should be LOW) please get in touch.


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Dec 10, 2023
I have 3 Meraki MS225-24 and one Meraki MS225-48

both model without Poe

And, fibnaly, i have a cable direct attach MA-CBL-TA-1M Too.

I just got them from my old work and they close their office in my city.