Memory hard benchmark - test request

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Nov 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

hopefully I chose the right subforum for this request: I'm looking for anyone willing to run my memory hard benchmark on server-grade, i.e. high core count and high memory bandwidth, hardware.

The benchmark is based on Cuckoo Cycle mean search algorithm, should eat about 4 GB of RAM and scale up to 64 cores (single processor group on Windows), and it should take just a few seconds to complete.

The purpose of the algorithm is to reduce spam/flood attacks on my decentralized discussion network by computing a Proof of Work and appending it to every message sent onto the network. Messages without valid PoW are rejected.

To run the benchmark, simply download file and start it with "benchmark" parameter, like this:

C:\Temp\> benchmark

Results I already collected can be compared here: benchmark.xlsx

If you don't trust precompiled binaries, the source code is available at: raddinet/raddi
Other precompiled binaries (e.g. AArch64) are available from: raddinet/raddi-builds-windows

Thank you.
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