Mellanox Connect-X 3 Oracle 7046442 Firmware

Discussion in 'Networking' started by SycoPath, May 11, 2018.

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    I picked up one of these on eBay:
    SUN 7046442 Dual 40GBPS QDR 4X QDR HBA M3 MCX354A-FCBS | eBay

    After reading these:

    I wanted to go to Mellanox stock firmware but I want to error check myself before I brick the card.

    1.) Download:
    2.) Extract MCX354A-FCB_A2-A5.ini and fw-ConnectX3-rel.mlx
    3.) Run Commands:
    mlxburn -fw fw-ConnectX3-rel.mlx -conf MCX354A-FCB_A2-A5.ini -wrimage Oracle_Firmware.bin
    flint -i Oracle_Firmware.bin verify
    flint -i Oracle_Firmware.bin query full
    flint -d mt4099_pciconf0 -i Oracle_Firmware.bin -allow_psid_change burn 
    4.) Profit? Is it really this easy?

    Edit: Cleaned up a bit and updated to newest link.
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    there's a more recent source zip available:

    if you haven't already, run mst start, then mst status to get the right pci device address to use in the flashing and query commands, it might be different.

    I would also back up the cards current hardware registers/conf in case you flash the wrong ini and need to revert (replace the dev pci path with your own):

    flint -d /dev/mst/mt4103_pci_cr0 dc orig_firmware.ini
    Also you don't need step 2, did you write that on accident? You will be generating the oracle firmware.bin yourself with the mlxburn command. anyway now you can follow the steps you wrote and do a cold reboot. when it comes back up run mst start and mst status again to make sure the card came back up properly
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    So, to save the next person some time, I attached my working file. This should flash onto an Oracle 7046442 and give you stock Mellanox firmware. This assumes you have the Mellanox Firmware Tools installed and working drivers for the card installed.

    #Make sure MST is running
    mst start
    #Find your DEVICENAME
    mst status
    #Backup Original config data from card in case something goes wrong
    flint -d DEVICENAME dc orig_firmware.ini
    #Flash the firmware
    flint -d mt4099_pciconf0 -i Stock_Firmware_MCX354A-FCB.bin -allow_psid_change burn

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