macOS Mojave 10GBASE-T experiences/advice?


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Nov 24, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Does anyone have any practical experience with compatible 10GBASE-T adapters on macOS Mojave?
Devices that work well, those to be avoided?

Interested in standalone TB3 adapters, PCIe sidecars (and associated NIC), and docking stations.

Use Case:
LAN based pushing/pulling/rendering images & video, mostly from sd cards to client storage then to server storage.
Nothing is particularly sophisticated - video and/or editing -wise.
Will also be used for general network access on the LAN as well as (pokey) Internet access.

Cabling infrastructure:
Cat 5e with most runs < 20m and target runs ~ 10m.
Fiber would require rip/replace drywall so am not going to do this.
Passive DAC runs not possible due to cable length and ripping/replace dry wall.
Don't want to fool with Active DAC.
I know this will run hot. Testing now using windows.

Clients via MikroTik S+J10 SFP+ for 10GBASE-T switch side
Servers and client near switch use QSFP & SFP+ DAC and fiber.

X9 SM server motherboards s with mellanox flashed HP 40GB cards and NetApp QSFP cables.

1) macOS Mojave on Macbook Pro 15 2018
I am very interested in experiences, thoughts, observations, vendors to look at, vendors to avoid

2) Already working: windows 10 pro on GA-7PESH2 workstation with integrated Intel X540-AT2
Things seem to be working just peachy and painlessly on my windows workstation though its early days of testing/playing.

thanks in advance for any information/guidance/kibitzing and hooliganism provided!