LSI Megaraid 9361-8i not detected on cold boot

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    This is my setting:
    Supermicro X10-SRA, Xeon E5-2620v3
    2x 32G DDR4 Samsung/supermicro certified
    3rd party Radeon R270 display, pci-e 3.0 (oprom only)
    Plextor SSD card PCI-e gen2 x2 (UEFI/oprom)
    LSI Megaraid 9361-8i (UEFI/oprom) + Cachevault and battery pack
    Disk on the raid card: 1x HGST 4G SAS HD and another Corsair 256G SSD
    On the onboard SATA side: 3T tohsiba desktop HDD 3T and 2x WD Red 2T

    The problem:
    After I power off the server and disconnect the power to the PSU.
    If it is more than six hours, on the next cold boot:
    the LSI RAID card would not be detected.

    Power on the server for more than 5 minutes, then either one of below is workaround:
    a) Physically do server power off and power on; or
    b) Enter MB BIOS and load default setting; or
    c) Boot to UEFI built-in shell, type reset

    For b) and c), the server should be doing a reset reboot (different from warm boot).
    I noticed that the server would had a stopping sound, cooling fans should be stopped.
    And after about one seconds, it startup. Cooling fan start spinning and having the sound of hard disk spinning.

    Then the RAID card would be detected in POST without physically power off and then power on the server.

    What had been done:
    I had contacted Avago/Broadcom. They only tell me that it is a mother board compatibility issue.
    Also I had tried the suggested setting: setting PCI-e 2.0, using UEFI instead of Oprom, changing PCI-e slots, disabling fast boot.

    I had contacted Supermicro. They are not able to duplicate the issue. Because they told me they did not had Cachevault and battery pack in the LAB....

    For the firmware of the LSI raid card and Supermicro MB, the firmware are upgraded to the latest one
    MR 6.10 and version 2.0 but the problem still persist.

    I had tried to remove the CV battery pack connection to the CV. After six hours, the raid card is detected on the next cold boot.

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Edit: I don't had any problem with the MB in the past three months.
    The LSI raid card is newly added on two weeks ago and had problem.
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    If possible, try raid card in different server motherboard and see if detected. If detected, probably is compatibility/bios setting issue, since it sounds like other pcie cards are working in motherboard. If not detected, consider re-flashing firmware and retrying. If still no luck, return or replace, depending on warranty status.
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    Strip the board down to only essential components, perhaps even boot from a pen drive or livecd. I suspect it's either a timing issue or interrupts etc getting tangled before the bios has loaded. Once you get it reliably booting, add your other components back one at a time :)
  4. unknown0

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    The firmware is the most updated one.
    Currently I only had an old Gigabyte MATX motherboard around. I may test it when I had time.


    I had done this test. I only left MB+CPU+RAM+Display card (I also changed to use an older display card (PCI-E 2.0), it is less powerful and it should consume less power) and still no luck.
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    Thread seems dead but having a very similar situation. Wondering if there ever was a resolution??
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