LSI 9260 particle loses HDDs conn. (Raid 6 completely offline)

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    Oct 10, 2018
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    I got a diffusing problem with my LSI 9260 16i.

    I got a Raid 1 with two SSDs and one cache SSD.

    I also got a Raid 6 with 5 WD Red 3TB HDDs and 3 as hotspare.

    I switched before from a 9260 8i + expander to the new one and at the same time I recreated my raid 5 to raid 6 with ne HDDs. From this I only got problems with the raid 6. One week after creation it went completely offline. One HDD was defective I assume the rebuild process disconnect all left drives shot in some way. So, it was completely offline.

    After this I got some weird moments were all connected HDDs except one was not showing, replug did not worked. After third reboot the drives was back. Now I created the raid 6 new and when I selected the first hotspare the raid went offline completely again.

    The SSD are not affected at all time.

    When I changed the raid card I changed the server SATA front plate to a newer version too, and already rested the chips on it.

    I’m really confused, and I’m out of ideas.

    Could it be a bad raid card / bad firmware?

    Thanks for help.
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