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    CPU: Threadripper 2950x
    Motherboard: Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha
    Chassis: Undecided
    Drives: None yet
    RAM: 32GB DDR4
    Add-in Cards: None yet
    Power Supply: Undecided
    Other Bits:

    Usage Profile: Plex server, VMs, docker containers, file storage for immediate and extended family.

    Other information: I'm looking for some recommendations, I've been looking at chassis options and it seems I'm limited to 24 bays unless I go for something like this which limits me to 2U on the CPU cooler, which isn't ideal for cooling threadripper. I know I can go for a 24 bay case with an external enclosure in the future when I need it, but I'm trying to build something that will last me more long term. I'm ideally looking for something with more than 30 bays(36 would be ideal) and I'm not really concerned with how large it is, as long is I can fit a 3U cooler in the CPU section. I was eyeing up the Chenbro NR40700 but everything I found for sale either has full systems in it that would be completely useless to me and I'd have to sell off or are being sold without drive rails(who does this and why?). Also I had some reservations about the noise of the NR40700 so I found the thread on modifying the case to support an ATX PSU which I would be potentially interested in doing if no other options existed. Does anyone have any recommendations for a chassis that would hold 36+ drives, 3U CPU cooler compatibility, and preferably ATX PSU compatibility. Does something like this even exist?

    The list I had picked out outside of the case: Server
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