Looking for advice on setting up a basic network (pfSense, vlans, etc...)


Oct 31, 2018
So to be completely honest, I'm a total networking newbie. My homelab runs on a single Proxmox host with a Mikrotik router and a dumb switch.
It works, but there might have been signs that this might be dependent on a string of luck.
I have lined up a HP T620 Plus with a quad port nic, a layer 2 HP switch and an old router as AP.
I'm looking to setup a simple system with separated vlans for the internet of shit devices, guests and lab proposes.
Could anyone point me to the right guide for setting this up?

I have a separate question about Proxmox networking. My proxmox host's Asrock Rack motherboard has a quad nic setup, but so far I'm using only one. How would one set this up? I'm thinking maybe LACP or giving my xpenology VM one link and share the rest with the others? The GUI is quite confusing.