Location of my.cnf for MySQL so I can change the datapath

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    Hello, I am using the command wget -O - www.napp-it.org/amp | perl to install MySQL and need to know the location of my.cnf so I can change the path of my database to my ZFS pool instaed of my rpool. I tried adding my.cnf to /etc, /etc/mysql, and /opt/etc/mysql, but it still will not move. I also edited the service using svccfg -s mysql and changing the method_context/working_directory to my pools path. Everytime I rename the original directory ad restart the service, I get stuck in maintenance mode. I copied the path like rsync -av /var/lib/mysql /mnt/volume-nyc1-01 TIA
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    All applications that use pkgin (like the amp installer) are using /opt as destination to be independent from normal OS settings.

    Check /opt/local
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