List disks in Supermicro Chassis - LSI SAS2008

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    I want to list the disks in the SM-846 chassis which has a LSI SAS2008 HBA in IT mode. I tried sas2ircu but the disk shown in Slot #4 is incorrect. The disk is in Slot #1. What tool should i use for the correct order?

    # ./sas2ircu 0  DISPLAY
    LSI Corporation SAS2 IR Configuration Utility.
    Version (2010.02.09)
    Copyright (c) 2009 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Read configuration has been initiated for controller 0
    Controller information
      Controller type                         : SAS2008
      BIOS version                            :
      Firmware version                        :
      Channel description                     : 1 Serial Attached SCSI
      Initiator ID                            : 0
      Maximum physical devices                : 255
      Concurrent commands supported           : 3432
      Slot                                    : 3
      Segment                                 : 0
      Bus                                     : 2
      Device                                  : 0
      Function                                : 0
      RAID Support                            : No
    IR Volume information
    Physical device information
    Initiator at ID #0
    Device is a Hard disk
      Enclosure #                             : 2
      Slot #                                  : 4
      State                                   : Ready (RDY)
      Size (in MB)/(in sectors)               : 500786/1025610767
      Manufacturer                            : ATA     
      Model Number                            : Crucial_CT525MX3
      Firmware Revision                       : R031
      Protocol                                : SATA
      Drive Type                              : SATA_SSD
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    I could be wrong, but the only way I can think of to correct the order is to physically rearrange the wires in the chassis for the specific disk, or to move the disk to the correct slot. If you aren't physically at the chassis location, I don't see how to fix the order mate :.(
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    i guess you are using the TQ direct backplane (not the A which use miniSAS)

    you can tried moving the SGPIO cable around, or moving the sata/sas wire.
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