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    Nov 6, 2019
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    I am planning to build a server that would be able to run: 2x Microsoft Dynamics NAV (4 cores each), x2 MS SQL virtual servers (4 cores each) AD server (2 cores). So I am looking at 24 cores and it will run Linux. at least 64GB RAM and 2x m.2 slots (for NVME storage). Preferably, 1U or 2U rack. Since noise is quite important, maybe 2U rack with water cooling is an option? Currently looking at Threadripper 2970WX with ASRock - X399 Taichi ATX TR4 or AMD Epyc 7352/7402P/7402 with Gigabyte MZ01-CE1. The system will be used by ~15 people and I'm coming from a smaller country where server part supply is limited. What are your thoughts?
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    TR 2970WX has 12 cores that are usable for what you have in mind. The rest of the cores without direct memory access are ok for stuff that runs in cache, but not so great for tasks that require memory access. A TR 2950X would be a better (and cheaper) option if 16 cores is all you need.
    2nd gen Epyc can deliver more performance (aka usable cores), but at a much higher cost. A good compromise for more than 16 cores could be 3rd gen Threadripper. Rumor has it that it will be announced tomorrow.
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    For a business I would be sticking to something from HPE,Dell,Lenovo etc. not the place to be playing with TR etc if you ask me.
    Can get some pretty cheap Intel or AMD systems from a big name vendor these days.
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    Sounds like Lithuania.
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