Linux bridges with tagging/untagging of VLAN's


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Jan 18, 2015
Hi all,

I already posted this one in the linux section but I think it was the wrong place to go. However, my situation is fairly simple...

I am trying to setup 2 bridges for a small server infrastructure i will deploy.

One, which will contain the "WAN" port and output it on tagged VLAN interfaces.
Another which will tag and forward all vlan's between all 5 hosts.

The server which runs the bridge will have a 10G connection to each of the other servers.

Here's my current bridges:

root@ubuntuvswitch:~# brctl show
bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
br0 8000.000c29b20ef8 no eth1.1000
br1 8000.000c29b20ef8 no eth1

br0 succesfully takes the incoming packet from my local network on eth7 and tags it with vlan1000, then forwards it to an internal vswitch (VMXNET3) through eth2.1000 and also out of a 10g interface to another testbox through eth2.1000. However, it ONLY works with br0, not if I give the bridge a name of br1000 or so. Would there be any reason for this?

br1's job is then to bind all the other VLAN's together and trunk them between the servers. However this is not working at all. Testing from an ubuntu server on the server with the NIC's, I see vlan 1992 traffic (test vlan) on the VMXNET3 interface but nothing coming out of the 10G interface. is there an error in my config here?

If possible, I do not wish to create a bridge and vlan interface for every single vlan in the infrastructure, that will be a hell on longer term.