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    Hi Guys,

    We have a windows server and we want to be able to run our linux software on top of it. We have a linux based software raid that can put m.2 drives into a RAID 6 array. But it only works in Linux. We need windows to see the drives and share them out.

    So we are thinking about putting Linux on top of windows but we don't know how to import the drives into Linux, RAID them into RAID 6, then share them back out to Windows Server 2016. Anyone have any ideas?


    P.S. Windows will only use RAID 10 aka Mirror the m.2 drives, that's why we want to use linux software raid. But linux has no metadata controller, so we have to have windows.
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    not possible on the same machine.
    the best setup I can see (and I am not a Linux or MS guru but have been working with Windows for 20 years and played with Linux for the last 9)
    load a Linux on small machine and move your controller and m.2s there. build your raid and share it with SAMBA.
    connect your Windows server to the share and do what ever you want there.

    Windows and Linux are both OSs and want to have full control of the hardware at all times. especially Windows.

    it is a pain in the A$% to do a full pass-through of controller and drives on Windows. you need all kind of compatibility starting from controller to CPU to BIOS and ending with the version of your hyper-visor.

    and even than it may not work 100%. it is a lot easier to go the other way like using a Linux based hypervisor either Xen/XenServer of VMWare Server or Proxmox/KVM on base machine load windows as a VM. but again the idea is for Linux to control and manage all hardware and Windows to just use the space as needed.

    do a detailed research on your Hardware CPU,BIOS, MB make sure it supports pass-through.
    same for your HyperVisor I assume Hyper-V? make sure the version has the support as well.

    than read up on how to do pass through in Hyper-V to VM.

    ALSO linux may not run on Hyper-V G2 VMs and G1 may not support hardware pass-through anymore.

    good luck
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