lga3647 esxi build to host my Oracle Apps/Databases

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Nov 24, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Hi itronin,

I just noticed that the smaller version of that switch, the Mokerlink 8 port SFP+ managed switch, someone left a review on their website saying they are using twinax (DAC) to uplink to their router. The 12port version probably can do the same. Really excited to hear what your impression is after you test with it. I'm putting the 12port SFP+ switch part# here for my future reference... 10G120GSM I can't believe nobody has reviewed it yet.
ohhh - nice pick up! I'm coming back from this trip a day early so hopefully Friday I can do this. I've got some R86S's - and DAC's. As well as an X10SDV to test (10G-BaseT transciever)

this does appear to be an actively cooled device.

I'll post some gui screenshots too. you want in your thread or start a new one in the network section as I don't want to crap on your thread.
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