Lenovo 46C9115 ServeRAID M1215 9340-8i not recognized.


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Feb 3, 2016
San Antonio, TX
I got a M1215 / 9340-8i card that is not being recognized by any of the usual LSI tools - Megarec/sas3flash/sas3ircu/LSIutil/Megacli etc. Not seeing the heart beat light either. Tried with & without the J6 jumper to no avail. It did cause one of the DIMM to be disabled so I put the tape on B5-B6 pins to fix that issue.

Anything else I can try before writing it off?
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Dec 22, 2016
Have you ever figured it out? I've just got an M1215, and also can't update to the latest IT firmware - sas3flash and megarec just don't see the adapter. Yet it's working, recognizes the disks attached to it, I can enter into its configuration utility upon the system startup.. but the LSI tools don't recognize it. :( I've found a similar issue someone had with their M1015, and the solution was to use megarec to "erase IBM/Lenovo branding" first, and only then it could be updated with LSI firmware, but the only version of megarec I could find is pretty old (from M1015 era) and it doesn't recognize the adapter as well. :(