Lenovo 430-8i to LSI 9400 fw p14?

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Apr 2, 2020
I just buy a used Lenovo 430-8i tri-mode 12gb HBA card, I try use it with my NAS server and SAS disks.
I fine the lenovo website fw update only to 13.xx , I guess it was P13 as boardcom version? and boardcom website have P14 version.
Any one know could I use boardcom P14 fw directly flash to this 430-8i HBA card?

also the card have a jump J11 , I'm not sure if i need short it like m1215 flash to active the flash mode?

ThinkSystem 430-x SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA update BIOS and Firmware(For Linux)
ThinkSystem 430-x SAS/SATA 12Gb HBA update BIOS and Firmware(For Linux) - US

HBA LSI 9400-8i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
HBA 9400-8i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter

The lenovo package only have one lnvgy_fw_storehba_mpt3.5.430- ( I guess the bin in liunx contant some update tool and fw)

but the boardcom 9400_8i_Pkg_P14_SAS_SATA_NVMe_FW_BIOS_UEFI.zip have two firmware :

Update, very easy to upgrade 430 fw to LSI 9400 fw.

1. no need change any jumper . boot to usb efi shell.

2. storcli / c0 download firmware file = HBA_9405W-16i_SAS_SATA_Profile.bin //C0 mean num 0, not 0, if you have more than 1 card, it will need check before your flash.

3. boot to usb efi shell.

4. storcli / cx download efibios file = mpt35sas_x64.rom

5. storcli.efi / cx download bios file = mpt35sas_legacy.rom

6. run storcli /c0 show ,check card version is 14.0.0 xx , SAS

I run the update with my asus Z370-e MB, I try run the uefi shell in HPE Ml110 g9, the uefi shell have some issue and failed to nmi error, may be change other uefi shell if you have the issue.


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Feb 3, 2016
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There is a 530-8i thread here that details the flashing process to convert them to IT mode from Lenovo FW. Not sure how much different the 430-8i cards are.