LAN optical drives via Unraid?


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Jun 1, 2020
I am soon to build my first dedicated NAS and I feel as if Unraid is my best bet as I would have the ability to upgrade the array over time as at the moment I need more of the 24/7 aspects rather than the raw capacity and the old dell pc I will be using has an optical drive and I was wondering of the potential to allow my desktop to access it remotely as if it was connected for ripping DVDs/bluerays to later stream via plex. Is this possible and if possible is it worth it to save $60 on an internal blue-ray drive vs USB?


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May 27, 2019
Austin, TX
Technically you can share the optical drive out with windows 7/10 and rip it from a remote source if your program supports it.
If you have a main or even secondary computer with the optical drive just use that and transfer the completed file to the NAS is my opinion.