Kodi stutter using storage VM

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    The Subject maybe a bit weird, so let me explain the situation in detail.

    I have a Synology DS415play NAS which hold my MKV files (Pretty much everything is remuxed Blu-rays in my own collection).
    Using a Raspberry Pi 3+ with LibreELEC and SMB shares everything runs great, even the 40 to 50Mbit/s files. No stutter or buffering, just good.

    I'm setting up a ZFS VM using FreeBSD (actually HardenedBSD, but that is a besides the point here) with datasets shared through NFS and SMB.
    Copying files to and from the SMB share goes at nice Gbit/s speed, NFS with about 80MByte/s (still figuring that one out). So those speeds are fine too. Currently it's only a two drive mirror I am testing with.

    For some reason LibreELEC starts to buffer about 5 seconds after starting a Blu-ray remux and after that sounds drops and video is unwatchable.

    Same behaviour goes if I use a Windows 2016 VM with the same controller but different disks.
    CIFS speed is max and playing a video on my Linux laptop using smplayer plays perfectly.

    So that leads me to something being wrong with ESXi somewhere. But I can't figure out what and why.

    The VM's have 32GB RAM and a modified Dell H310 in passthrough for the disks.
    No log or ache disks, thought I had before and that didn't matter at all.
    ESXi version is 6.7 on a Dell T320 with a Intel E5-2420 CPU and 96GB RAM, a Dell H710 RAID Controller with a four SSD's (two datastores).

    I'm hoping someone has an idea what might happen here as I am about to run out of ideas to test.
    The only thing I haven't tested is ZFS or Windows 2016 on bare metal, which I am hoping to avoid as well since I run several other VM's in ESXi as well.
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