Is there plans to integrate a VM manager into Napp-IT?

Discussion in 'Solaris, Nexenta, OpenIndiana, and napp-it' started by scrummie02, Jan 28, 2020.

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    With OmniOS supporting KVM and Bhyve is there plans on implmenting a VM manager into Napp-it like Proxmox has? That would be great to create an all-in-one solution for hosting storage and VM's/Zones.
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    Dec 31, 2010
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    There is support for Linux LX zones within napp-it. But as Joyent is more and more switching to Bhyve as the default virtualisation method, I plan to integrate support in a future napp-it. There are also announcments from OmniOS to integrate a VM management tool in a further OmniOS, see cneira/zcage

    bhyve Hypervisor
    bhyve and KVM branded zones

    I currently wait until the OmniOS zcage work is integrated in OmniOS. In the moment the priority in napp-it is next 20.x release with support for encryption with a filebased key management where a key is splitted on two files, either located locally in one or two folders and/or on one or two webservers with a HA redundancy option on a second webserver. The webserver solution (currently only Solaris has a webserver based keymanagement) will allow to unlock a filesystem from a central webserver without the requirement to store a key locally on OmniOS/OI and other Open-ZFS servers.

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