Is the C6100 still worth it?

Jason Gould

New Member
Nov 3, 2014
Another question I have is about the C6100 mezz cards (DEll Y8Y69 LSI 1068E) in relation with things like ESXi.

I assume that you could use the mezz card to create a hardware RAID1 or 10 for each node? I also wonder if vSAN could be used across the nodes (say 4 nodes, each in a RAID10 for datastores, and vSAN)? I've read that without a BBU and caching that hardware RAID (the only supported ESXi RAID) performs pretty poorly.

In a production environment is where any setup that would give good performance of the local storage while being able to configure each node in a RAID1 or 10? If the mezz card can't do it and you'd have to get a regular PCI-E card anyway then it would make it pretty useless to me.