Is cross a NEC9362-8i to retail bois a good idea?

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    Nov 29, 2018
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    Hello, everyone. I'm new to here.

    I recently started looking at buying an OEM raid card and use it on a non=server platform.

    For now, I'm thinking about buying an NEC 9362-8i (OEM LSI megaraid 9361-8i) and cross it to a retail 9361-8i, so I can use it on windows 10.

    As I search over the forum I've seen people done the crossflashing with either in dos environment or megaraid storage manager. Yet some people encounter problems like the crossflashed card only support raid 0,1 and 0+1 mode.

    I would like to ask for some opinions for this idea.

    I'm looking at this card here

    NEC/LSI 9362-8i PCI-E 3.0 x8 SATA/SAS 8-Port 12Gb/s RAID Controller =9361-8i 1G | eBay

    and my computer is a Asus X99 deluxe gen1 running windows 10.

    Any success or fail experience would greatly help me to make my decision.

    Thank you.
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