Intel X710-AT2 and X710-TM4 Carlsville NICs

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    Casually looking around Intel ARK, I found these two NICs, which are not mentioned anywhere else, perhaps because they are still too new. The controllers I'm talking about are these:
    Intel product specifications

    Carlsville seems to be a newer version of 2014 Fortville, as they have around the same 10G capabilities. What makes them attractive is their price, at 72 and 135 U$D, respectively.
    There is even a Data Sheet for them circulating around, where I got their capabilities of. The X710-AT2 includes two 10G MACs with integrated 10GBASE-T PHYs, so they can output Ethernet Ports directly. The X710-TM4 is significantly different, since it has 4 10G, two with the same 10GBASE-T PHYs, and the other two which uses 10GBASE-KR/SFI PHYs, intended to go to a SFP+ Port. They can also use external 10GBASE-T PHYs so you can have 4 of those.

    I suppose that these should be appearing soon. I found weird that some recent Supermicro Motherboards decided to include Broadcom as 10G NICs instead of Intel X550. What I'm curious is why they weren't mentioned anywhere.
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