Intel X540-T2 - passive or active cooling


Jan 1, 2011
Oslo, Norway
Thinking about buying a few Intel X540-T2 10gbit nics, and I see that it comes with passive cooling and active cooling (only Dell clone?).

How hot does these get? I will use them in my home, and will not get hammered 24/7 by a long shot. Two of these will each be in a Norco chassis , and I want to have one in my workstation, so there is airflow going through all the machines.
Also noice is a factor for me, so I also wonder if anyone know how many dB the fan makes?

Fanless: Intel 10g Dual RJ45 Ports Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540 T2 | eBay
With fan: NEWinBOX Dell Intel X540 T2 10GB Dual Port PCIe 3DFV8 Converged Network Adapter | eBay