Intel SR-IOV VM to host switching?


New Member
Oct 19, 2019
Hello! I have an Intel 82599ES 10Gb card that I use on my Arch Linux PC with an SR-IOV VF that I use for my Windows 10 VM.

The 82599ES is supposed to support switching on the card itself rather than going out to my physical switch and back in again.

I am not really sure how to test it so I tried with ping and I noticed relatively high latency (0.2ms) which seemed to me that the packets were going out to the switch and then back in again.

I unplugged the card from the switch, set static IPs on both host and guest, tried to ping and got nothing but network unreachable messages.

Is this function supposed to work out of the box or does it have to be enabled somehow?

My host is 5.3.6-arch1-1-ARCH using the Inbox ixgbe driver and the guest is Windows 10 1903 using the VF driver from the 24.2 Intel driver package.